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Quiet Waters Counseling


QuietWaters’ main purpose is to serve ministry leaders, whether you are male or female, single or married, a missionary here in the States or out-of-the-country, a male pastor or a female chaplain/minister. 

QuietWaters is here to serve you and your ministry.

Pastors In Residence


Research shows that over 50% of all pastors will experience a forced termination during their ministry lives. Pastor-in-Residence (PIR) Ministries helps exited pastors navigate vocational transition by providing a proven process of restoration within a caring and restorative environment.

Paraclete Mission Group


Paraclete Mission Group comes alongside mission agencies, churches and church planting movements involved in expanding the Kingdom of God around the world.

Paraclete associates are experienced missionaries and professionals who use their histories, skills and gifts to partner with individuals and organizations to help them be effective in life and ministry.

Transforming Center


We exist to create space for God to strengthen leaders and transform communities. We serve leaders and influencers of purposeful communities – churches, non-profits, and businesses – who long for new rhythms that allow them to flourish in their life and leadership.  If we’re honest, over time many Christian leaders experience a disconnect between their outer life and their inner life – the presence of God deep within. For this reason, we walk with pastors and leaders, helping them distinguish God’s voice beyond all the noise so they can lead from that place.

Zion Project


We believe missionaries and aid workers should be filled with joy as they fulfill their mission. We provide missionaries/global aid workers with the healing soul care and ongoing coaching they need in order to thrive on the field and fulfill their callings. 

We do this through establishing a relational connection of trust that allows an individual to be authentic with their pain and struggles with someone who gets them. Our weekly to monthly video encouragement is provided by other seasoned cross cultural workers.



The assumption that global workers are ‘just relieved to be home,’ is overly-simplistic & alienating.  

Many are ill-equipped, depressed, floundering & lonely, with nobody around who really gets why.

They’ve left people, cultures & work they love & some quietly wonder if they’ve left their identity behind as well.

We help missionaries and global aid workers reenter their home countries well - even after years living & working abroad.

Noble Ministries


At Noble Ministries our specialty is helping people discover and renew their heart-level belief systems that have been causing them emotional pain and hindering their success.

We use Transformational Life Coaching/ Prayer Ministry, private healing retreats, interactive workshops, and one-on-one mentoring, to help you reach your breakthrough, while you find rest and refreshment in the inspiring nautical settings of the Pacific Northwest.



Alongside is committed to the well-being of those who have put everything on the line for the call of Christ. Our mission is to help equip the weary and hurting with the resources they need to serve for a lifetime. Facilitated by counselors who know what it means to strive, struggle, and suffer in ministry themselves, Alongside offers a safe place to be authentic with people who “get it.”.

Crossroads Mission Care


Gil & Patti Carter have been in the mission field for almost 20 years in Asia, Europe & the United States. Both have master's degrees, Patti in counseling and Gil in education. Having seen the tremendous attrition rate among missionaries in the field, they formed Crossroads Mission care to get missionaries what they need to stay in the field. This includes emotional, prayer, and logistical support.

The Crossroads mission has expanded over the past two years and now includes programs for pastors, military families, and first responders. We serve all who serve.

Healing Care Ministries


Find the help you need to encounter the presence of God, move out of your painful past, and be set free from dysfunctional behaviors.

Enter the empowering life of the Spirit, grow more secure in your identity in Christ, and connect with others on the journey. 

Aphesis Group


We have helped countless pastors and missionaries sort through their inner lives, reconnect with their spouses and work through really difficult things. We count it an honor to walk along side you! 

Request Help Finding Accountability

Contact us to request help in finding a counselor, pastor, mentor, or spiritual director to help you stay accountable in your ministry or personal life. All requests are held in confidence.