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Online Bible Training

In partnership with, we have created a  place to further promote strengthening evangelical Christian ministry leaders, pastors, missionaries and lay people who serve in a variety of roles to advance the Kingdom of God. We're thrilled at the opportunity to make this page available to you. 

Together, The Tie That Binds and hope that you enjoy your experience in learning as they've provided a comprehensive Biblical and theological education from world-class professors.


The Tie That Binds YouTube Playlists

Find a variety of videos for ministry leaders, missionaries, pastors, and para-church leaders that will enhance your ministry life and service.  Find encouraging worship videos, sermons, seminars, and instructional videos that are meant to bless you in your ministry. 

Check out our playlists on a variety of topics from church ministry, soul care, missions, youth ministry and much more. 

Online Training from Trusted Organizations


 Online Training at Variable Costs

If you serve in a low-budget, rural, or missional position with little access to funds for ongoing training classes, you may be eligible for a scholarship or discount from one of our  partners. Hover over the logos above and click to check out their online training options. 

Contact us to request more  information on scholarships or discounts for online training.  


More Learning Resources

Here's another list of website links with podcasts, videos, websites  resources to help improve the care and continued development of yourself, your church, or your mission work. 

Note: sites with "*" denotes a partner or affiliate of The Tie That Binds that's given us permission to host/share their content for ministry reference.

All non-designated partners are third-party sites for reference.