What is Member Care?

"Member Care is doing whatever it takes, within reason, to insure that our workers feel cared for and supported by their agency and church, that they have the resources the need to work effectively, and to care well for themselves and their family. It is comprehensive – the ongoing preparation, equipping and empowering of missionaries for effective and sustainable life, ministry and work (Global Member Care Network definition, 2008). 

                                                                               - Healthy, Resilient, & Effective, by Laura Mae Gardner, D.Min

Learn About Missions & Member Care

Mind the Gaps: Engaging The Church In Missionary Care


Mind the Gaps is intended to empower churches, to complement and enhance the efforts of the member care department of mission sending agencies, and to reduce the attrition rate of missionaries by encouraging them and helping to develop their resilience. 

By minding the gaps in missionary care, the church can create a system of proactive care, which will ensure lasting engagement of both the church and the agency into the lives of our precious and beloved missionaries.

Pipeline: Engaging the Church in Missionary Mobilization


What would it look like if your church really took the last words of Jesus seriously? The Great Commission was not just a suggestion by our Lord, but an imperative mandate given to his followers. Missionary sending agencies are deploying workers to the field, but many of them come from disengaged churches that are not producing well-equipped disciples. We need a fully integrated global supply chain-a pipeline-that has disciples as the precious commodity, as well as an effective infrastructure to distribute and replicate them around the globe. Pipeline seeks to re-engage the church in mobilizing the next generation of workers for the harvest.

Perspectives on the World Christian Movement


Perspectives on the World Christian Movement presents a multi-faceted collection of readings exploring the biblical, historical, cultural, and strategic dimensions of world evangelization.

Writings from more than 150 mission scholars and practitioners (over 60 of them new in this edition) portray the history and anticipate the potential of the global Christian movement. Every one of the 170 articles are side bars offers practical wisdom enabling Christians to labor together in bold, biblical hope to finish the task of seeing that Christ is named and followed among all the peoples of the earth.

Healthy, Resilient & Effective


This book has been designed to help leaders of sending agencies and churches in creating a comprehensive care plan for their members in mission.

The first nine chapters give a comprehensive overview about the why and how to of setting up a member care plan for cross cultural workers.

The following nine chapters discuss in depth the challenges cross-cultural workers are dealing with and what member carers (church, friends, agency) can do to assist them and even more importantly how to avoid unnecessary crises and suffering on the part of these choice people of God.

Reversing Missionary Burnout

Around 80% of Christian missionaries burn out and quit before finishing what they felt called to do. Almost 50% of ministry workers suffer, or have suffered, from depression and end up dropping out of Christian service all together. 

Ministries providing member care



Mission Training Int'l


Paraclete Mission Group


Shepherd's Staff Mission Facilitators Inc.


Team: Global Alliance


Paracletos Inc.


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Int'l Member Care Retreats


Christian Hospitality Network (700+ Locations world-wide) #

Life Impact Ministries (6 Locations) $ ♥

Oasis Retreats (17 Locations) $ ♥ 

Shepherd’s Heart (7 Locations) $


Africa Spice Safaris (Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania) $$$

Bridges Retreat Centre (South Africa) $$

Grace House Resort (Kenya) $$$
Kisima Safaris (Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda) $$$
Mayfield Guesthouse (AIM)  (Kenya) $$

Tumaini Counseling Centre  (Kenya and Uganda)  $$


Beit Bracha Guest House (Israel) $$-$$$

Bethany Hong Kong (Hong Kong) $$

Doane Rest (Philippines) $

The Dwelling (Thailand) $

The Juniper Tree (Thailand) $

The Well  (Thailand)  $ ♥


Furlough (Australia) $$

Merroo Christian Centre (Sydney) $$

Anakaino Place (Castlegar, BC) $

Anapauo House (Coleman, AB) $

Beechgrove Retreat Centre (Woodstock, ON) $ ♥ 

Fairhaven Ministries—Canada (Vernon, BC) $

Kerith Retreats (Alberta & Manitoba) $$$ ♥ 

King’s Fold Retreat & Renewal Centre (Cochrane, AB) $$ ♥

Oasis (Medicine Hat, AB) $$$ ♥

Rivendell Retreat Centre (Bowen Island, BC) $$


Casa Nesca – Retreat Centre (Southern Spain) $
Christian Holiday and Conference Center (Italy) $

Europa Retreat Center (Gibraltar) $$

Coolnagreina, Greystones ( Ireland) $

Le Château de Saint Albain (France) $

Living Stones (France) $$

Neue Hoffnung Marburg (Germany) $

Penhurst Retreat Centre (East Sussex, GB) $


$         Free or offered for a donation
$$     Inexpensive to moderately priced
$$$   Moderately priced to more costly
♥         Counseling, mentoring, or coaching available

#         Cost varies per location (multiple options)